High Heel Mileage

...if I could run in heels, I would.

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Yikes. Bikes!* That was, um, not easy. I’m starting to sound like a broken record.

My heart rate no longer shoots up into the 180’s & stays pretty much in the high 160’s. It’s also coming down much quicker during the walking intervals. Fitter is better!

My right calf was KILLING me. Thank sweet baby J for an empty Labor Day gym. I dropped, ok, yelled the F-bomb a few times while jumping off in frustration to stretch. Foam rolling date tonight.

W3, D1 - 39 minutes; 3.07 miles
Squats - 45 pounds (Olympic bar only 5x5)
Walking lunges - 35 pounds (3x15)
Kettlebell swings - 45 pounds (3x15)
Biceps - 20 pound dumbbells (3x12)

Done. And done.

*bonus points & official BFF status rewarded to anyone who knows that partial movie quote…

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  1. udandi said: You need more fitness gadgets!
  2. fasterphil said: Never been kissed! But I’m already a BFF so what do I win?
  3. abettershay said: Liking the fitbit?
  4. becomingaweasley said: Bikes is my default followup to yikes. Always.
  5. thesweet50 said: Never been kissed!
  6. angeldrinkstea said: Ummm Never Been Kissed. Duh.
  7. missmarisol said: Look at you rocking the fitbit, HRM & iPhone app. Like whoa! “I’m not Jossie Grossie anymore.” Michael Vartan… Swoon!
  8. snapthistiger said: super duper workout. luv that sweatin’..
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