High Heel Mileage

...if I could run in heels, I would.

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I went to Germany (in Kentucky) for my birthday celebration last night. The Hofbrauhaus in Newport, Kentucky is one of my favorite restaurant/bars ever. Had an amazing time with some of my favorite people. (Also, thank you for all the birthday wishes - my actual birthday is tomorrow, but that doesn’t stop me from celebrating for dayssss.)

I was home & in bed by midnight and was a-ok with that. Once 10:30pm rolled around, I swore it was at least 1 am. My body is adjusting to waking up earlier, working out harder, and eating less crap* so I’m listening to it when it also wants to call it a night.

*So, if you should ever order the chocolate layer cake make sure you split it with everyone in your party. When they say ‘slice’ they mean it’s practically the whole freaking cake.

This may be the first year in over a decade where I’ve woken up feeling pretty amazing* and well rested post birthday celebrations. I even went right back to business as usual with my healthy egg scramble for breakfast this morning. Looks like someone’s getting her adulting card after all!

*I do however have the worst DOMS known to man after yesterday’s boxing class. Or in the words of two of my favorite southern gals, "I’m booty sore!"

Happy Sunday, T! Happy Birthday, Pump! Go, Angel, Go!

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  1. fittinginmylife said: Happy Birthday! Can’t beat German birthday beer!
  2. angeldrinkstea said: Okay, 1. THANK YOU! 2. If you could send me that whole place, that would be great. THAT SHIT LOOKS LIKE THE BOMB DIGGITY!!!!!!!!! I love you. And your face. Happy birthday tomorrow! I’m glad you’re getting as much celebration in as you can!
  3. udandi said: Happy Birthday! Congrats on the adulting card.
  4. fasterphil said: Mmm, I want your eggs
  5. fromlazytolively said: BOOTY SOREEE. How I love you!!
  6. runningwithpump said: Happy early Birthday!!
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