High Heel Mileage

...if I could run in heels, I would.

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I want a medal.

Didn’t realize how long we would be at the doctor’s & were both starving by the time we left. But instead of driving thru a fast food joint, I lugged out the wheelchair again (I really hate that thing), sat the shopping basket in ol’ Alma’s lap & grabbed us some good eats.

I’m pretty dang proud of myself!

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  1. fasterphil said: just remember which one has the drugs in it or for Amy it will be…….be……..b…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. simplyketostacy said: And everything looks amazing!!!!
  3. weightandwit said: I’m proud tooooo!
  4. snapthistiger said: You did great!!
  5. fromlazytolively said: I’m proud of you too!!! That’s a good victory right there!
  6. blondebarbells said: Looks awesome!
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