High Heel Mileage

...if I could run in heels, I would.

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Wednesday Things.

1. Tazo chai latte concentrate is dangerous in my possession. I usually try not to drink my calories (unless it’s alcohol - lezbereal…) but this stuff is amazing. It tastes like autumn in your mouth, well, not the soggy leaves part. When I drink it, I forget it’s so hot & muggy outside and I stop lamenting that it’s probably easier to breathe on Mars right now.

2. Ignore my one jankly painted fingernail. That glitter is not messing around. It’s takes ages of soaking my nail in acetone to get it off & ain’t nobody got time for that.

3. I’ve been spending a lot of time on my personal development outside of diet and exercise. My dad read & recommended a book to me called The Pledge by Masterson & so far I’m really enjoying it. It offers practical advice on creating a master plan for your life & accomplishing your goals - whatever they may be. I’m still committed to fitness & health, but I don’t want to wake up when I’m 80 & wonder where my life & all my money went.

4. Speaking of which, I completed my August zero-based budget, meaning I’ve allocated every penny of next month’s income into a category, essentially telling my money what I want to do with it next month. I’m using Dave Ramsey’s online Total Money Makeover.

5. And finally, bacon. And some other stuff.

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  1. abettershay said: Love Dave!
  2. fromlazytolively said: LEZZZZBEHONEST I keep thinking of things to say reading over this but when I get to bacon it all goes away! I loveeeee youuuu and I’m proud of you just daily ❤❤
  3. fasterphil said: I still don’t get the autumn in your mouth reference! And you can really tell that you’ve been writing more as this was a joy to read! Not saying your other posts were not……but just sayin’ ;)
  4. nutrify said: everything looks so delicious! and that book sounds fascinating! thanks for the info
  5. almostgreenmommy said: I miss chai & bacon….
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