High Heel Mileage

...if I could run in heels, I would.

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Either someone doesn’t know how to map out a 5k or both my c25k & RunKeeper app are on the fritz.

I have no idea how to interpret any of this. I hadn’t even planned to really time it, just wanted to have fun. It’s really impossible to run this for time as you wait a bit at the color stations.

Somehow Leah & I got separated from Rachel & then 1k from the finish I decided to go for it & just run to the finish.

Overall so much fun, but I HATE this powder. I can’t wait to get it off my hands! And running over the powder was like nails on a chalkboard!

Time to replace those 500 calories with Chipotle!

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  1. fasterphil said: I am SO so proud of you for SMASHING this run! Your time is fantastic and I just want to give you the biggest squeeze :)
  2. weightandwit said: Chipotle. YES. and you guys are precious and colorful and great.
  3. fromlazytolively said: Looks like you had fun! Enjoy your Chipotle!!!
  4. missmarisol said: Looking oh so fabulous!
  5. snapthistiger said: You are a color palooza rockstar..
  6. funhappylife2 said: Looks like you had a great time and I’d join you for a chipotle lunch anytime!
  7. abettershay said: Woooooooooooooot! You go girl!
  8. sarahspeaksnow said: Mmmm… Chipotle!
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